Sustainability & Environmental Policy

Piccalilli Catering has a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. We are fully committed to improving environmental performance across all of our business activities, and encourage our business partners and members of the wider community to join us in these results.

Piccalilli Catering recognises our key impacts to be in the areas of:

  • energy use
  • raw material use
  • waste generation
  • emissions to air/water
  • water use
  • transport
  • procurement

We :-

  • Operate a virtually-paperless system; online enquiry, quoting, ordering, production, delivery, invoicing, payment.
  • Purchase sustainable products wherever feasible with the majority of our disposable-ware made from fully compostable materials such as plant oils and sugarcane pulp sourced from BioPak more info available here
  • Supply our green waste to The Mini Farm Project 
  • Utilize soft plastics with our food packaging which are recyclable.
  • We meet and often exceed all relevant legislative requirements and operate at a high level of environmental standards.
  • Source local produce to reduce our carbon footprint through reduce transport component.
  • Are members of the Queensland Government Food & Beverage Supplier Directory; an initiative to support local jobs and Queensland Farmers, local businesses – Buy Queensland First
  • Assess our organizational activities annually and identify areas where we can further minimize our impact.
  • Minimize waste through careful and efficient use of all materials and energy.
  • Publicize our environmental position through our online presence.
  • Train employees in good environmental practice and encourage employee involvement in environmental action.
  • Reduce risks from environmental, health or safety hazards for employees and others in the vicinity of our operations.
  • Adopt an environmentally sound transport strategy.
  • Include environmental and ethical considerations in business investment decisions where appropriate.
  • Developing solutions to environmental concerns by welcoming input from our staff, clients & community partners.
  • Piccalilli Catering has developed a series of action plans, as recommended by Monash Universities’ ‘Sustainable Catering Guide’, to supplement each of our environmental policy objectives.
  • Piccalilli Catering will periodically review performance and publish these results.
  • Program to supply excess produce and products to Stepping Stone Clubhouse, Ozcare & OzHarvest.


Source local produce in order to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local community.

  • Rocklea Markets for fresh vegetables and fruit from local and interstate suppliers.
  • Milk from Norco Milk—milk from Northern NSW and Qld i.e. Beaudesert and Wamuran properties.
  • Wines from Stanthorpe, Hunter Valley, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.
  • Juice from Grove Juice, who source all their fruit from Australian growers.
  • Bread from local Brisbane suppliers Wild Breads & Gold Coast Bakery.



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